Chia seeds are a superfood and pack a nutrient dense punch. The best way to consume them is by soaking them in water (we recommend purified Primo water) since chia seeds are hydrophilic. Here are some of chia seeds’ best features, and how they work to improve your health:

Power to the Protein

The chia seed is a great plant source of protein, containing all eight essential amino acids — making it much higher in protein than many other plants. In fact, just two tablespoons contain 10 times the Omega-3s of an equal serving of walnuts (the highest level of Omega-3s of any known plant), more iron than a cup of spinach, among many other nutrients. They are also a great source of beneficial fats and fiber, and have about as many antioxidants per serving as blueberries. Impressive!


A naturally low-carb and high-fiber food, chia seeds provide the recommended daily amount of fiber with just one serving. This fiber works as a prebiotic in the digestive system, so while it isn’t digested and used directly, it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your body and may help improve your digestive health. Better yet, chia seeds don’t raise raise blood sugar or affect insulin levels like other forms of carbohydrates do. Win-win!


If you have trouble drinking enough water throughout the day, chia seeds are a terrific aid. With the unique ability to absorb over 10x their weight in liquid, chia seeds are the ultimate hydration food. Thanks to their soluble fiber content and water-absorbent shell, you can count on chia seeds to be filling and satisfying — all while keeping you hydrated as ever.

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Chai Seed Water

How To Soak Chia Seeds

Now that you know all of the benefits that chia seeds have to offer, here’s an easy way to include them in your daily routine!


  • Chia seeds
  • Primo water


Soak the ¼ cup chia seeds for every 1 cup warm Primo water and stir until they become chewy like a gel. Leave them in for 20 minutes (you can stick them in the fridge while you wait) and you’re ready to go. Soaked chia seeds can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, so you can make a big batch at the start of the week.

Tips and Tricks:

Are you always on the go? There’s always time for chia seeds: soaked chia seeds can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, so you can stock up on them for the week if you make them on a Sunday night.

For an extra sweet alternative to just using water, trying mixing a couple of spoonfuls of soaked chia seeds into a smoothie or oatmeal. If you’re more of a parfait type of person, mix ½ cup soaked chia seeds with 2 tablespoons almond milk, top with fresh fruit and add a drizzle of maple syrup.

Once you have your “gel” made, the opportunities are endless. Are you in the habit of adding chia seeds to your diet? Please share in the comments below.

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