Wondering what water is best for making baby formula to ensure your baby is consuming clean, healthy water? We highly recommend avoiding tap water and using water that’s been purified instead.

Most tap water contains chemicals and other contaminants that purified water doesn’t. Pound for pound, a baby’s body can’t filter contaminants like adults can. Additionally, a lot of tap water sources are treated with fluoride, which also poses concerns for babies. For these reasons, babies need to be drinking purified water only.

Concerns About Fluoride

The American Dental Association recommends that water containing high levels of fluoride should not be used for making baby formula. This is because increased levels of fluoride in water can put your baby at risk for developing enamel fluorosis, potentially affecting developing teeth.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree, recommending that, since most powdered infant formulas contain fluoride, parents don’t use water that has added fluoride because the extra fluoride isn’t necessary and may lead to dental fluorosis.

While fluorosis is not a disease, it causes discoloration on a baby’s developing teeth, with white spots or streaks appearing on the enamel. This discoloration can develop on a baby’s permanent teeth while they are still forming in the gums.

The Case for Purified Water

Purified water is high quality, fresh tasting water that’s safe to use for making baby formula. Using purified water not only keeps the flavor of the formula clean, but it helps protect a baby’s health and developing teeth.

Purified water has gone through a process to remove or significantly reduce the presence of chemicals (like chlorine), bacteria and heavy metals (such as lead). And it doesn’t contain fluoride, removing concerns about dental fluorosis related to water that contains high levels of fluoride. It’s a healthy option that you can feel good about using to make baby formula.

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