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Water Dispenser + Pet Station

 Dog Drinking from Primo Water Dispenser

Here's purified water with minerals the whole family can enjoy (including your 4-legged family members). Hydration is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Healthy hydration helps regulate body temperature, transport nutrients to cells, and lubricate joints.

3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

Compatible with both 3 and 5 gallon water bottles. (Bottles not included with purchase).

Hot + Cold + Pet

3 Water Settings

Cold, hot or pet water at the push of a button.

Dispenser Features

Pet Dispenser Features
  1. Piping-hot water with child-resistant safety feature
  2. Spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard
  3. Stainless steel water reservoirs
  4. LED night light
  5. Removable stainless steel dishwasher-safe drip tray
  6. Flexible design allows placement of bowl on front, right or left side of dispenser
  7. Dispenses water directly into pet bowl
  8. Removable dishwasher-safe pet bowl

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