Free Water Offer

Receive a free 5-gallon bottle of Primo® Exchange Water with your purchase of a full-size Primo® water dispenser, in-store only at Walmart!

Your tap water can hang out in some pretty seedy joints

Luckily, there's Primo Water.
Big on safety. Big on health. Big on taste.

baby drinking safe formula

Aging pipes and crumbling infrastructure could lead to tap water contamination.

Solution Big on safety

Primo’s state-of-the-art reverse osmosis processes are constantly monitored to reduce the risk of contamination.

child tasting clean water

Does your tap water taste a little funny?

Solution Big on taste

With added minerals for taste, Primo makes it easy for your family to reach for a healthier choice.

clean water for health- woman exercising

Your tap water could be full of harmful bacteria and contaminants.

Solution Big on health

Primo’s processes remove or reduce harmful bacteria and contaminants that could be found in tap water.

Look for specially-marked packages in-store only at Walmart

top loading dispenser in a box

Top-loading water dispenser

deluxe dispenser in a box

Deluxe water dispenser with indicator lights

bottom loading dispenser in a box

Bottom-loading water dispenser

How the exchange process works

step 1: water in cart

Step 1

Buy a bottle of Primo® Pre-Filled Exchange Water at a store near you.

step 2: water dispenser icon

Step 2

Drink it down! Our bottles work with most water dispensers.

step 3: recycle icon

Step 3

Recycle your empty bottle at the store and grab a ticket to save on your next bottle of Primo® Water.

exchange station

Find Primo Exchange Water

Exchange Stations

Our 3 and 5-gallon bottles of Primo water can be purchased for use individually or for use with a pump or water dispenser (sold separately).

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Drink big. Drink healthy.