Life Needs Water. Make it Primo Water.

60% of you

is made of water1

71% of earth

is made of water2

Let's start acting like it

Water is essential to human life, and staying hydrated keeps your body functioning properly.3 That’s where Primo® Water comes in. We are dedicated to inspiring healthier lives through healthy hydration.


Quality Water

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Less Waste

delivery truck with 5 gallon bottles on the side

Bottled Water Delivery

Refreshing, quality bottled water, conveniently delivered to your door. Easily manage your deliveries online or through the MyWater+ app. You can customize your order by choosing from a variety of flavored and sparkling waters and other favorite beverages.

two bottles, one empty, one full with an exchange arrow between them

Water Exchange

Available at 13,000+ retailers, our water exchange stations provide you with full bottles of purified water in 3- and 5-gallon bottles. Just exchange your empty bottle at the store for recycling and get a ticket for savings on your next bottle.

5 gallon bottle being filled

Water Refill

Our self-service refill stations make having refreshing drinking water readily available. Just bring your own bottle to a refill station, or buy one at the refill station, and get your fill whenever you need it!

Water Dispensers to Fit Your Needs

Enjoy the convenience of hot or cold water at the touch of a button. We have sleek and stylish water dispensers for every lifestyle – top and bottom loading or the AquaBarista™, a single-cup coffee brewer and water dispenser in one. We’ll help you pick the dispenser that’s right for you.

Top Loading Dispensers

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Bottom Loading Dispensers

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Countertop Dispensers

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Portable Dispensers

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