Can You Really Detox Your Body from Heavy Metals?

February 19, 2020

Thanks to our public water systems that are less than perfect, Americans are constantly drinking their fair share of heavy metals, like lead and mercury. And instead of acknowledging the problem, many ask for detoxification methods to rid their bodies of said contaminants. But did you know your body does that naturally?



In an article by the Wall Street Journal, it was noted that there’s not been enough comprehensive research about the body’s toxic burden in order to warrant such drastic detox cleanses. Many detox supporters claim that green juices, soaks and teas will rid the body of toxins that “cause” fat, fatigue, diabetes, cognitive function, and others. All the while, what’s truly wreaking havoc on American bodies is excess sugar, flour, heavy metals and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

In a nutshell, medical professionals dismiss the detox fad as “a confusing jumble of science, pseudoscience and hype.” And given that the diet industry has surpassed $72 billion in sales this year, there’s fear that the confusion won’t stop.





Luckily, if you are a generally healthy human, you shouldn’t have to worry about buying into these fads too much. Trust us, your body knows what it’s doing.

Among many functions, your liver creates bile and helps carry away waste, changes damaging ammonia to urea, purifies the blood of harmful substances, removes bacteria from the blood, and clears bilirubin. In other words, it detoxifies your body!

Your kidneys are also superstars, helping filter out minerals in your blood, clearing waste materials left behind from food, medicine and toxic substances, among other functions. In other words, they detoxify your body!

Lastly, the final part of the digestive system, the colon, processes waste products and prepares them for elimination. It absorbs good vitamins and nutrients from your food while preparing to expel the excess. In other words, it detoxifies your body!





But living a lifestyle of nutrient-stripping juice cleanses, contaminant-laden water and fast-food meals won’t guarantee your body is performing like it should. There are ways to healthily and efficiently ensure your liver, kidneys and colon are functioning at peak levels. And that begins with your comprehensive diet and your lifestyle choices. Because when it comes to dieting, there are truly no shortcuts.


Bye-bye caffeine and alcohol – giving your body a hiatus from caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can help reset your entire body, not just these vital detoxifying organs. Eliminating alcohol can decrease liver enzymes and eliminating caffeine can lower blood pressure. But be careful quitting cold turkey, for the love of headaches!


Hello, fruits and veggies – If you’re heading to the bathroom (for #1 and #2) naturally and normally, medical professionals say that’s the best way to know your body’s doing its job. Eating more fruits and veggies can help provide good sources of fiber that’ll help just that. Cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens have been proven to boost liver health by anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral  effects! Making sure that produce is organic is a great way to ensure you’re not   getting any nasty additives, too.

Hydration first – Drinking water is one way to guarantee you’re pushing out toxins regularly. Water aids the kidneys in removing wastes from your blood. It also helps keep your blood vessels open so blood can travel easily to and from your kidneys. Dehydration can cause kidney damage, and if you’re looking to “detox,” that’s the last thing you’d want!





The best way to detox your body of heavy metals is simple: fuel it with foods and drinks that are free of those heavy metals. Tap water across the country is riddled with contaminants that are toxic, posing a threat to your wellbeing. These include lead, mercury, chlorine, fluoride, Chromium-6, and many others! Even microorganisms and trace pharmaceuticals find their way into the mix, as well.

Choosing better, safer water like Primo can help you help your body, period. At Primo® Water, we’re all about healthier hydration and kickstarting healthier habits. Our water undergoes a 5-step Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process that takes out heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, trace pharmaceuticals and more. That means you’re left with water, pure and simple. It’s hydration that will truly help your body keep heavy metals out and goodness in. No gimmicks necessary. Find Primo near you and get started today.