Fueling Your Daily Routine With Primo® Water

September 1, 2023

Jump-starting your metabolism.1 Prepping your morning coffee. Fueling your workout. Recovering with a protein shake. Though our days all look a little different, one essential element ties them together—water. Read on to follow a typical day in the life of our Purified Water.


Motivate Your Morning

Good morning! I’m your Primo Water Purified Water. If you’re anything like me, you know that first sip of coffee in the morning can feel like absolute magic—assuming you use the right ingredients, that is. For instant coffee, simply combine me with a few tablespoons of high-quality coffee grounds. You’ll wonder how you ever drank your java any other way!




Hydrate During the Workday

Take me to work with you—or better yet, ask your office to add a Primo Water dispenser to your workplace to ensure you always have great-tasting water on hand. Your colleagues will thank you, and your more focused self will too!

Pro tip: Add your office’s favorite seltzers and other beverages to your delivery order to add some taste to your workplace.



Fuel Your Workout

Whether you’re running trails, practicing yoga or pumping iron, drinking plenty of water is an absolute must. Include me in all your workouts to hydrate your cells and replenish your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to do its best work—and nothing it doesn’t.2

But my role doesn’t end with your workout. I also make up the bulk of your protein shakes and green smoothies! Combine me with a few scoops of your favorite protein powder, a handful of ice cubes and a generous serving of dark leafy greens for a delicious post-workout treat.


Recharge Your Recipes

After a long day, count on me to make your recipes purely delicious. Nourishing soups and stews won’t just help you stay warm and cozy during the cooler nights, they’ll also help you hydrate from the inside out. Plus, they can be whipped up in minutes with minimal effort and cleanup using a programmable pressure cooker!

Pro tip: Pack your soups full of seasonal veggies like squash, sweet potato and kale for added flavor and immune support.



Sip (Don’t Gulp!) Before Bed

According to the Cleveland Clinic, drinking a moderate amount of water in the evening can help break down waste in your body and regulate body temperature.3 Just make sure you limit me to one glass, and cut off your intake an hour before bedtime.





Make it Primo® Water

Wherever your day takes you, we’re here to help you stay healthy and hydrated. Whether you get our Purified Water delivered right to your door, fill up on our fresh filtered Refill Water while you shop, or grab a 5 Gallon water bottle to-go from our exchange station, let great-tasting water from Primo Water fuel your fall! 

At Primo Water, we offer a wide range of water solutions tailored to your specific needs. Convenient and easy to use, our self-service Refill stations make getting fresh filtered drinking water simple and affordable. Simply bring your own 1 or 5 gallon bottles to a refill station near you and fill them up. For added convenience, you can pick up water while you’re already at the store from our Exchange Station. Available in 3 gallon and 5 gallon pre-filled bottles, our Exchange Water is purified by reverse osmosis and has added minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste. And for a completely hassle-free experience, our reliable Delivery service brings our water directly to your doorstep. Finally, shop our wide variety of water dispensers at shop.water.com to find one that fits your lifestyle and home.


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