How to Hit Your Fitness Goals with Proper Hydration

February 8, 2019

The beginning of the year typically means a renewed vow to focus on health, but why limit yourself to starting on January 1st? Regular exercise and finishing your vegetables are important every day of the year, but you can’t truly hit your health goals without proper hydration. What do we mean by “proper hydration”? We’re diving into three ways drinking enough water will set you and your family on the path to living your healthiest lifestyle.

Power, Mood, and Recovery

Goals are a part of everyday life, and maybe drinking enough water is already on your list. But if it isn’t, there are countless reasons staying properly hydrated will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Improved Fitness Performance

Is the gym calling your name? Increasing your miles on the treadmill or lifting just a few pounds more than last year might be on your goal list, but it can be challenging to build the strength you need when your body is poorly hydrated. As one study proves, exercise performance and endurance suffer due to improper muscle metabolism.*

This means the marathon in your future or weightlifting competition that can take an entire afternoon will require an extra bit of hydration. Studies show the effects of dehydration vary based on the amount of time spent exercising and environmental factors, but all note there are adverse effects caused by dehydration.

Boost Your Mood

Winter can be a significant cause of dehydration for all of us. Cold weather puts extra environmental stress on your body, so it can be difficult to ensure you stay hydrated while you sip your non-water beverage by the fire. Studies show that mild dehydration can have numerous negative effects on cognitive functions like concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.**

Take your “new year, new me” mentality beyond the first few weeks of the year by including steps as simple as trying to drink the recommended amount of water for your age group. Not only will staying properly hydrated boost your mood outside of the gym, but it could help you make it through some of those more mentally tough workouts (calling all marathon trainers!). Mental health is just as important as physical health in all aspects of life, and that includes giving yourself room to recover.

Hit the Recovery Button

We’ve talked about the benefits proper hydration has during your workouts, but what about after that 60-minute dance class? Your hydration level also affects how well and how fast your body recovers, so you can make the new hot yoga class tomorrow night without the soreness from last week.

Physical therapists, especially, count on patients to stay hydrated to improve their recovery time and rehabilitation in their sessions. When humans are dehydrated, the body pulls water from the muscles to protect other organs, making it all the more important to stay hydrated during recovery periods.*** This keeps muscles intact and allows organs to function well, improving recovery time and helping your body get ready for the next workout.

Turning Your Resolution into a Lifestyle Change

It’s easy to commit to a goal on the first of the year, but what really makes a difference is how you stick to your commitments during the other 11 months. Adequate hydration will help your exercise performance both at the gym and during recovery periods, meaning you’ll hit your goals with a hydrated body and a happy, healthy mindset!

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