We Make Sure Your Refill Water is Up to Primo Standards

June 26, 2018

No matter who you are, clean water is an everyday must-have. That’s why we cater to a full spectrum of Primo customers every single day, providing them with the best-tasting, highest-quality Primo drinking water in the most efficient ways possible.

One of those ways includes Primo Pre-Filled Exchange Water, where customers can buy pre-filled bottles of Primo water in stores. However, many others use our second option: the Primo Self-Service Refill Water. This option speaks to convenience because customers can bring their own bottles to fill at one of the 24,000 Primo refill water systems across the United States and Canada.

Both are safe and effective ways to consume fresh and delicious Primo drinking water. But we understand that our refill customers might have questions about our refill process. Unlike your tap water, we’ve got nothing to hide.

Rest assured, Primo employs over 400 factory-trained technicians who visit the machines biweekly on average. They both inspect and replace filters used for sediment and chlorine removal, as well as membranes that reduce other nasty particles. Additionally, the technicians check on our ultraviolet sterilizer intensity, ensuring that the water meets specifications.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding. Or in this case, the water. We sample our water, for testing by nationally-accredited laboratories, and we submit over 80,000 water samples yearly to these labs. This ensures our water is free of harmful contaminants like:

  • Total dissolved solids
  • Trihalomethane (potentially cancer-causing)
  • Lead and copper (delays physical and mental development)
  • Arsenic (causes skin damage and circulatory problems)


Primo works together to provide you some of the best, safest water on the market. We even have a dedicated Quality and Compliance team, based in our Vista, Ca. facility, that manages the water test plan and licenses all refill systems. This team also monitors water test results daily and works closely with customer service to quickly send technicians to refill systems that require attention.

Clean, great-tasting water is our top priority, and that’s why we take frequent service and water test compliance so seriously. Both are important because they guarantee our refill customers purchase amazing, safe drinking water so they never have to worry.