Empty Bottle Credit


Qualify for a Primo Water coupon

Primo does not have a deposit program in the United States. When you make the initial purchase of a 3 or 5 gallon pre-filled bottle from Primo, you are also purchasing the bottle.

We offer an exchange program in which you can place your empty 3 or 5 gallon bottle into our recycling center at your local store and you will receive a recycle ticket that provides you a discount on your next purchase of water.

Primo also will accept any competitors 3 or 5 gallon empty bottle that you can place in the recycle center and a recycle ticket will be provided to you so you may receive an exchange discount on your purchase of Primo Water.

Primo Water Retailers do not provide any credits for empty bottles.

Empty Bottle Return Credit Policy & Procedures

  1. Consumer is required to provide all the following information.
  2. Bottle credit amount will be $1.00 plus standard U.S. First Class Mail up to $0.50.
  3. Requests are handled Monday-Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.
  4. Consumer is limited to a lifetime maximum of 10 bottle credit(s). Other limitations may apply.
  5. Standard processing time is 6-8 weeks, check will be mailed to address supplied by Consumer.
  6. The Retailer does not process bottle credits, all credits must follow the guidelines set above.

Follow these Steps

  1. Return your empty Primo Water bottle(s) to your nearest Primo Water Recycle Center.
  2. Retain your recycle ticket for each bottle(s) returned.
  3. Fill out the Empty Bottle Return Form online, then print.
  4. Mail form and tickets to Primo Water for bottle credit and processing.
  5. Correctly submitted forms with tickets will receive a check from Primo Water in 6-8 weeks