California Is Crazy About Care-Free Water!

May 30, 2019

While other locations all over the country have ample water supplies, like those nearest the Mississippi River, states like California struggle to have water at all. Climate change is making it harder and harder for California and its popular cities like Los Angeles to get its water from its three identified main sources: the Owens River, the Colorado River and groundwater. That means they’ve been relying on external water resources more and more over the years. And guess who they love the most?



Primo® Water supports Los Angeles in many events it participates in as a community. A few include: Triumph Foundation Wheelchair Sports Festival, Best Friends Animal Society, NKLA, American Diabetes Association, Generosity 5K, Firecracker Festival, Homes Fur All Rescue, LA Animal Services, Youth Policy Institute, Mission Continues for Veterans, South LA Gets Fit and Special Needs Network.

At each and every one of these events, and in each and every one of these organizations, Primo provides safer, better water for everyone to enjoy.


You might notice that some of our outdoor refill machines are Glacier-branded. Don't worry - it's the same great Primo water you know and love!



It’s no secret that Californians are ahead of the game when it comes to taking sustainability measures. As the threats of climate change have risen, California has been one of the few states to take it seriously, leading our nation in environmental policy for decades. In 2018, the Golden State was actually the first state to restrict single-use plastic straws, and this year, they could be the first U.S. state to phase out single-use plastics completely. This past February, California lawmakers introduced the proper legislation to make it a reality.

Luckily, Primo® Water is no stranger to sustainability. In fact, every 5-gallon bottle of Primo saves 1,100 single-use plastic bottles from wreaking havoc on our oceans. Because Primo doesn’t waste its time on waste.



When Californian’s choose Primo® Water, they’re adhering to one of their biggest values: healthy living. In fact, a 2018 study showed that 40% of California residents said they preferred eating organic foods. They were the first U.S. state to ban smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants in 1998, too. California certainly doesn’t hide their love for a health-based lifestyle.

And when these Californians choose Primo® Water, they’re opting for safer, better water thanks to Primo’s 5-step Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process. That ensures that they’re only getting water in its purest form, without the risk of harmful contaminates like microorganisms, heavy metals or trace pharmaceuticals. All of those are known to be swimming around your tap, well water and ground water, too. Primo is proud to offer Californians the best water possible.

 You might notice that some of our outdoor refill machines are Glacier-branded. Don't worry - it's the same great Primo water you know and love!



And since Californians try to keep such a healthy lifestyle, it’s no wonder why they love fitness so much. Dubbed the “king of workout intentions” by L.A. Weekly, they found that Californians had tweeted over 300,000 times containing “workout intention” phrases like “workout,” “fitness,” “cardio,” and others. Other states like Texas only tweeted 33,457 times, and Florida only 23,909 times.

Part of the Primo® Water mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles through safer, better water. And when humans are more well hydrated, they tend to live better in general. In fact, did you know bulk water users consume as much as 25% more water than non-bulk water users? That means less headaches and bloating caused by dehydration! And, it improves exercising, too.



California is a technology leader in the U.S. In fact, the most popular tech companies found their homes in California, like Apple and Google. Many online social media influencers and Hollywood stars call Los Angeles in particular home, so it’s no surprise that people in California value instant gratification. With technology taking over our lives, and the convenience factor everchanging, companies need to keep up in order to please Californians. 

Luckily, Primo’s got that covered. With over 20,000 self-service refill locations across the U.S. and Canada, Californians won’t have to worry about waiting for better, safer water. It’s as easy as finding a nearby retailer, bringing your own container (or an empty Primo bottle), pressing a few buttons, and filling ‘er up with awesome, refreshing water.


You might notice that some of our outdoor refill machines are Glacier-branded. Don't worry - it's the same great Primo water you know and love!