Drink More Water, Get Better at New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2021

A new beginning is always exciting. But, this year, anticipation for that fresh start is maybe extra heightened. For many of us, 2020 couldn’t fade out of sight fast enough. C’mon in 2021!

It’s hard not wonder about what a new year will bring. That’s probably why so many of us make New Year’s resolutions every January 1. We look forward and start thinking about all the things we want to accomplish.

And, that might be the reason why self-improvement resolutions seem to be so popular. It makes sense, after all, to want to start the new year putting your best foot forward.

Making Your Resolutions Stick

Making resolutions is pretty easy. People also tend to make very similar lists. According to a 2019 YouGov poll of 1,174 American adults, these were some of the most common New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

  • Exercise more – 50%
  • Eat healthier – 43%
  • Lose weight – 37%
  • Reduce stress – 34%
  • Learn a new skill – 25%

There’s a good chance that the same list of resolutions is on the docket for 2021. But what else do the above resolutions have in common? They all can be achieved with a little help from your friend, water.

Achieving your goals is always easier if you can incorporate them into your daily life. So, if you’re serious about your resolutions this year, you might consider joining the Primo Lifestyle.

Your Way Through Your New Year’s Resolutions

Is it surprising to learn that drinking water might be the secret to a better you? Water is the origin of life in our whole universe. Making you and your body healthier is child’s play for water.

Better Exercise with Water


MedlinePlus says that water “is the most important, yet overlooked, nutrient for athletes.” That’s because water is key to regulating your internal temperature and keeping you from overheating during strenuous physical activity. And you can lose a lot of water during an hour of exercise. Dehydration during exercise can easily lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, muscle cramping, fatigue and the breakdown of skeletal muscle.

Your hydration level also impacts your strength, power and endurance. So, if you want to exercise right and make your workouts more effective, drink your Primo water before, during and after.

Water and A Healthy Diet

Water is equally important for your diet and digestion, for a wealth of reasons. It helps your body manage waste through perspiration and urination, aids in the digestive process, prevents constipation and breaks down nutrients so your body can absorb them. Oh, and drinking water can actually increase your metabolism, giving you a nice energy boost in the process.

Weight Loss and Water

Increasing your metabolic rate can do more than just give you an energy boost. It can also help you lose weight. Results of a 2012 study published in the research journal Obesity showed that increases in water consumption were associated with fat and weight loss over time. And, according to Healthline, water “is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals.” Making water the perfect drink of choice when it comes to your weight loss journey.

More Water, Less Stress?

“Staying in a good, hydrated status can keep your stress levels down,” says registered dietician Amanda Carlson. That’s because the level of cortisol in our bodies rises when we start to become dehydrated. Cortisol is your body’s primary stress hormone – it’s nature’s built-in alarm system. A boost of cortisol is helpful if, say, you’re suddenly faced with a sabretooth tiger. But a constantly elevated level of cortisol in your body can lead to anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping and concentration problems.

Remember, Primo Water helps you keep your water bottles full, and your stress and anxiety low.

Better Hydration Is a Skill Worth Learning

Dehydration can impact your cognition and memory. And that can easily interfere with your ability to concentrate. By drinking the recommended amount of water, you’re preserving your ability to learn and pick up new skills — like, keeping track of your daily water intake, for example.

Speaking of which… now would be a perfect time for some Primo water. Only got tap water nearby? Primo water is only a few miles away.

New Year’s Resolutions More Attainable Through the Primo Lifestyle

It’s clear that drinking water can help you conquer many of your self-improvement goals. If you want to succeed with your 2021 New Year’s resolutions, get more intentional about your hydration habits. A great way to start is by joining the Primo Lifestyle.

And that part is easy. Find the perfect water dispenser to help you with your hydration goals by visiting www.primowater.com.