How Does the Water You Drink Affect Your Thyroid Health?

February 21, 2019

You’re bombarded with health and fitness articles that tackle issues like heart health, kidney function, and joint mobility, but there’s one part of your body worth paying a little extra attention to this month: your thyroid. For a little organ, it does a lot of work! Your thyroid helps just about every other organ in your body function normally, so to say it’s essential is a bit of an understatement. But how does hydration affect thyroid health?

Water and Thyroid Health

One of the more common issues associated with thyroid health is hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid often resulting in slower metabolism and its effects. Those experiencing this condition often feel fatigued, sometimes resulting in weight gain. As a result, weight management can be an issue for those with hypothyroidism. There are plenty of treatment methods prescribed by medical professionals to help deal with the weight gain element of the condition, but one tip across the board is to maintain proper hydration.*

With proper hydration from water, the things that often cause weight gain can subside, such as satiety issues, sugar intake, etc. Additionally, adequate hydration is known to help boost metabolism even in those without the condition, making it all-the-more crucial for those with hypothyroidism to stay appropriately hydrated. Keep in mind, hypothyroidism can cause water retention, but appropriate hydration levels remain important. That said, the water you drink also affects thyroid health.

Fluoride, Perchlorate, and Your Thyroid

You’re familiar with the everyday chemicals found in tap water, but which ones affect thyroid health, and why should you ditch the tap? One of the most relevant culprits of adverse thyroid effects is fluoride. Some of the first studies done on fluoride’s effects on thyroid health were done over 100 years ago.** Meant to improve dental health for those in rural communities, the negative impact on thyroid health were present in results, and continue to do so.** Another pesky chemical found in tap water is what’s called perchlorate.

Formerly used to treat to treat some forms of hyperthyroidism, perchlorate interferes with the production of thyroid hormone, and its presence in drinking water has been associated with hypothyroidism.*** Luckily, strides are being taken by the EPA to lessen the amount of perchlorate and fluoride in drinking water in recent years, making it easier for those with thyroid conditions to access healthier water.

Thyroids might be small, but they pack a big punch when it comes to overall health, and both the amount of water and the type of water you drink can have significant effects on thyroid health. To help keep your thyroid health on track, use the code PRIMOLOVE25 on our shop to receive 25% off your Primo purchase. With that deal on top of free shipping, a free refill, and a free exchange coupon, there’s no reason the Starter Kit shouldn’t be a part of your daily hydration routine.

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