How to Get Ready for Thanksgiving 2020

November 12, 2020

Are you ready? Because the holiday seasons is about to ramp up to fast and furious. With Thanksgiving rounding the corner, we’re coming down the home stretch into the heartwarming part of the year. And, we could all definitely use it!

Yes, this year’s Thanksgiving is probably going to be a little different than past ones. And yet, it’s still a perfect time to celebrate, spend time with family and give thanks for all that we have. So, if you’re up for hosting the Big Meal at your house this year, but not quite sure how to go about it, we’re here to help you pull off the best family gathering of 2020.

Scale it back and keep it safe

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that safety counts. Or, maybe this is just reinforcement of what we first learned in elementary school… that other people are gross and need to keep their germs to themselves.

With that appropriate dose of germaphobia in mind, in 2020, it may be prudent to keep the guest list on the smaller side, or just to people who have been in your “bubble.” But you don’t have to forego the big family gathering altogether. We’ve all become experts at streaming friends and loved ones into our homes. A big, family-wide Zoom call can still put you face-to-face with your favorite relatives.

Back to the in-person festivities. Consider holding the celebration outside, if the weather allows it, or in a well-ventilated area of your house. Leave plenty of space between table settings. And remember to social distance and wear a mask when close contact is unavoidable.    

To know more about how you can spend holidays together more safely, check out this excellent guide from the Center for Disease Control.

Ok, with 2020 ground rules covered, let’s get to the game plan.

Turkey Dinner

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

With the guest list finalized, the next big-ticket item are the menu and decorations. You’ll need to create a shopping list of ingredients and map out your cooking schedule well in advance. And, you won’t want to be scrambling last minute for place settings or a centerpiece, so it’d be good to get these out of the way early, too.

Now we’re almost down to it. But, there’s still plenty to do before the big day. Luckily, our friends at Better Homes & Garden have the last week down to a science. Here are some of their very detailed recommendations:

1 Week To Go

  • Put up decorations. You’ve cut them, stitched them, or glued them together… now it’s time to put the decoration plan into action.
  • Take inventory. Good hosts know what they’re missing. Plates, napkins, Meemaw’s favorite cheesecake… make sure you have everything you think you have.
  • Check the hydration situation. Make sure you’re stocked up with an extra supply of Primo water for your guests. If you need to run out for more, the Primo zip code locator can direct you to the nearest Refill or Exchange Center.

4 Days To Go

  • Get groceries. Remember the meal planning you did earlier? Time to get that shopping list done.
  • Make ice. Apparently, making your own ice at home can save you some time. You just have to start early… and keep at it. Rumor has it, Primo water is an excellent ingredient for ice-making.
  • Plan activities. Have kids coming? It’s always best to have a couple of games or activities lined up. That lets the adults enjoy their beverages (more on that later).
  • Clean the house. No further explanation needed.

2 Days To Go

  • Make the “make-ahead” apps. The trick to not dying in the kitchen on Thanksgiving? Make as much of the food ahead of time as you can. Appetizers happen to be the perfect course to pre-make.
  • Set up the bar. No further explanation needed.
  • Set the table. See above.

1 Day To Go

  • Refill StationMake desserts. Thanksgiving is a time for pie. And, the day before Thanksgiving is when you make them. If you’re baking homemade rolls, you’ll need to set them out to rise overnight.

And, here we are… Thanksgiving. Now for the easy part. All you have to do is cook the turkey.

Primo Water Helps You Celebrate Safely

Keeping your guests well hydrated is all part of a good host’s duties. So, you can feel good about sharing the Primo Lifestyle with your friends and family. Find a Refill or Exchange Center nearest you.

Primo has always provided clean, purified, great-tasting water. This year, we’ve also taken steps to ensure that our water, water bottles and water dispenser products are protected during this time of global pandemic. Learn more about Primo’s response to COVID-19.