How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

September 12, 2018

Are you finding it difficult to get your kids to drink water? You’re not alone! Between the ads they see on television, online and in stores for unhealthy, sugary drinks and sodas, it can be challenging to convince our little ones to choose water.

Kids often complain that water doesn’t taste good, doesn’t look appealing or isn’t thirst quenching. We’re here to help you show them otherwise and to turn them into water lovers – or to at least get them drinking enough each day to stay hydrated!

Simple Ideas for Getting Your Kids to Drink More Water

Want some proven ways to increase the amount of water your kids consume on a daily basis that doesn’t include mixing it with juice? Check out our ideas below.

  1. Ensure Water is Readily Available

Store water in a dispenser in the fridge or on your kitchen counter and let your kids know they can get their own water whenever they want. Ensure your kids can easily access the water and, if necessary, keep a step stool and cups nearby to make it a quick, simple task.

  1. Provide Great Tasting Water

Many times, kids think they don’t like water because the water they’ve been exposed to, such as tap water, just doesn’t taste good. And – let’s face it – It’s just hard to force yourself to drink a lot of something that doesn’t taste good, whether you’re a kid or an adult!

We know we’re biased, but we’d be pretty surprised if your kids didn’t end up being raving fans of water after tasting delicious Primo Water. You just can’t beat the fresh, clean taste of purified water. You can also have fun mixing plain water up by adding fresh fruit and herbs to give it a different flavor. Experiment to find what your kids enjoy. Try fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lemon slices, orange slices, and mint leaves.

  1. Add Ice

A lot of kids seem to prefer ice in their water, perhaps because iced water to be a great thirst quencher. Just be sure your ice is made with purified water to maintain the water’s pure taste and keep it healthy!

As a bonus, make it fun by getting a few extra cute ice cube trays. You’ll find a ton of different ones available, from hearts and stars to penguins and pineapples and more. Kids of all ages are sure to have more fun drinking water with these fun ice cubes.

  1. Set an Example

As any parent knows, kids will follow what you do over what you say any day. So, in addition to teaching them about the importance of drinking water, your actions need to support what you’re telling them. This means your kids need to see you drinking water throughout the day – and choosing water over other beverages most of the time.

Try some or all of these tips and you’ll quickly see that it isn’t so difficult to get your kids drinking more water after all. It just comes down to making sure fresh water is available to drink at all times and that they enjoy drinking it.