The Big Deal About Cucumber Water

March 7, 2019

Cucumbers have a rep for relaxation. In almost every movie with a spa scene, you see a beautiful woman lounging in a white robe with a mud mask, clad with cucumbers over her eyes. What’s so great about this vegetable that makes us both want to eat it and put it on our faces? Contrary to cliché movies, cucumbers have a lot more going on than just cooling eye masks. Not only can they make your drinking water tastier, they also have a range of health benefits while keeping you extra hydrated. Just make sure to drink it within 3 days for optimal freshness.



If you didn’t already know, water essential to keeping up good looking skin. But drinking cucumber water can allow for even more rejuvenation. While water itself helps clear your skin from blemishes, cucumbers are rich in silica, a foundational mineral known for its anti-aging properties. In addition, silica actually helps form collagen and revitalize damaged skin. Cucumbers are nutrient-dense vegetables, so if you were looking for a way to make your already-awesome water pack more of a punch (in flavor and nutrients), cucumbers should be your go-to.



High blood pressure can be bad news for your body, causing strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease or even vision loss. Often what contributes to high blood pressure is an individual’s sodium intake. Salty French fries, processed food­, the whole smörgåsbord  of bad-for-you foods can cause a spike in blood pressure that’s there to stay. Luckily, cucumbers are high in potassium which can help manage your high blood pressure, because potassium naturally lessens the effects of sodium. If you struggle with high blood pressure, consider adding cucumbers to your daily water intake for an easy potassium win!



Your brain controls everything you do. So, it’s important to keep its function in tip-top shape. Thankfully, cucumbers contain a flavonol called fisetin that supports brain health, memory and anti-aging! Preclinical data tells us that fisetin can protect against Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive development, as it might strengthen the connections between brain cells which enhances memory. This special antioxidant found mostly in plants has been seen to increase lifespan by almost 10% in mice. So, thanks to cucumbers, you’ll remember all these benefits next time you fill up your glass.



It’s no doubt that adding cucumbers to your water is an easy way to take in more life-altering nutrients on a daily basis. And when you add them to Primo® water, you’re getting double the benefits. Not only is Primo the safer option, but bulk water users drink 25% more water per year on average. That’s the Primo Effect.


It looks like better drinking water without contaminants and antioxidant-rich cucumbers are a match made in heaven. Check out where you can find Primo® water near you.