The “Just Peachy” Award

November 15, 2018

One of Primo’s most honored team members created the unique and top-secret formula for Primo water. Dr. Alan Leff, a man we call, Doc, was an unforgettable addition to our Primo team. His consistent, positive and humble attitude made him an exemplar of the ideal Primo employee.

Doc’s passion for Primo’s values and success have made him someone we remember and celebrate frequently. To honor his legacy, we celebrate each quarter by giving the “Just Peachy” Award to an employee who best mirrors Doc’s character.

The award is named “Just Peachy” in remembrance of Doc’s famous phrase. With Doc, everything was always, “just peachy.”

At Primo, we take the time to celebrate the hard work of our fellow employees and honor their accomplishments each quarter. We present the “Just Peachy” award as an incentive for our teams to excel in their areas, recognize the work they do and cheer on our outstanding employees.

We take the time to honor our team and individual employees when we see that they are dedicated to the Primo way. The “Just Peachy” award is one way we share the success of others. The award serves as an incentive and an honor that inspires our team members to do good work.

Primo employees are offered the opportunity to nominate a coworker. In doing so, they describe the values, characteristics and any other pertinent information that distinguishes a Primo team member for consideration.

The “Just Peachy” Award Winner exemplifies:

  • Empathy/Community –  Someone who cares deeply for coworkers
  • Resourcefulness – Someone who will do whatever is needed to do to get the job done and make clients happy
  • Commitment – Someone who is committed to all clients; clients know and respect them
  • Living Into the Vision – Someone who embodies the Primo Way with a positive, honest attitude and maintains kindness and consideration in all they do

At Primo, we take this award seriously. This award is a major honor and is cherished by our company as a way to commemorate Doc and celebrate an outstanding employee.