The Wonders of Detox Water

April 18, 2019

If you couldn’t tell by the sunny days, mid-day thunderstorms, and if you’re anywhere on the East Coast, the “pollenpocalypse,”—Spring has totally sprung. That means the days are getting warmer and longer, and it’s almost time for swimsuit season. Luckily, plain water can help with the all-too common belly bloat. But, transforming that plain water into a detox solution is even better to sip all Spring long.


But what exactly is detox water?



The first reason you should be drinking detox water is because it’s so simple to make. With just a few ingredients you probably already have around the pantry, you can make something simple and delicious. Not to mention, something that can benefit your overall wellness.


What gives detox water all its goodness is the fruits and veggies you choose. There’s no one recipe for detox water, so the possibilities are endless. Making detox water is a great way to let your creativity shine through. Of course, the basis is great-quality water (more on that later). The rest is up to you!


For example, many detox water recipes begin with cucumbers. We’ve written a blog about the benefits of cucumber water, so it’s no secret how awesome that veggie is for you. But in addition, you can add grapefruit which has fat-burning enzymes, or even watermelon for its high concentrate of lycopene, a strong antioxidant that helps decrease inflammation.


A great starter recipe consists of:


  • ½ gallon water
  • ½ grapefruit, sliced
  • ½ cucumber, sliced
  • 2-3 mint leaves
  • ½ lemon, sliced
  • ½ lime, sliced


After combining, let it chill in the fridge for about an hour to let the fruits and veggies really infuse with the water. Make sure to drink it down quick—it only keeps for about 24 hours!



Even if you have your fruits and veggies nailed down, it’s important to start with the best base possible so you can reap all of the benefits. Water that’s free of harmful contaminates, such as lead, heavy metals, bacteria and more, can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your detox. Besides, a “detox” isn’t much of a “detox” if it includes toxins!


Starting your detox water with Primo® Water offers a 100% foolproof way to leave your water worries behind. With Primo’s 9-step Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification system, it rids our water of any harmful bacteria, lead, trace pharmeceuticals and more.


So, a marriage of our safer, better water and antioxidant-packed fruits and veggies is a win-win. Because thanks to the goodness of Primo, you’ll be experiencing a whole range of benefits—how does clearer skin and more energy sound? We call that The Primo Effect. Find out where you can get Primo® Water near you, and tell us your favorite detox water recipe in the comments below!