Coffee lovers are well aware that the type of coffee they brew is a determining factor in whether the coffee is great, mediocre or just plain horrible. If your coffee is weak, bitter, strong or robust, a lot of it has to do with the beans you used.

However, even if you’re an avid coffee drinker, you may not realize that a cup of coffee is about 98 percent water! This means that the type of water you use will also make a huge difference in how your coffee tastes. That fact alone is the reason to brew your coffee with high-quality water.

So…what’s the best type of water to brew your coffee with? We’re so glad you asked!

How Water Can Affect Your Coffee

Using the wrong water can ruin what could have otherwise been a wonderful cup of coffee. Even “drinking quality” tap water can contain substances that, while not harmful, can make your coffee taste less than appealing.

The following substances found in water can affect the taste and/or quality of coffee:

  • Substances from soil, such as minerals
  • Substances from water treatment, such as the chlorine added to main water pipes to maintain quality standards
  • Residual substances from water pipes, such as copper and iron
  • Residues from pollution

Benefits of Brewing Coffee with Purified Water

In short, for brewing the best, rich-tasting cup of coffee, you want water that’s free of chemicals like chlorine and chloramine and that tastes, smells and looks fresh. This will most likely mean using water other than your tap water and, instead, using water that’s been purified.

You’ll want to use water that’s gone through a purification process to remove or significantly reduce the presence of unwanted substances, including chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and heavy metals like lead and mercury. Using water that’s had these impurities removed will help ensure your coffee tastes pure, just as it should.

Certain purification systems that use reverse osmosis also remove magnesium and calcium. However, these minerals can further enhance coffee flavor. If you want to keep these minerals in your brewing water, you’ll want to look for a blending reverse osmosis system that adds mineral-rich water back in, such as our Pre-Filled Exchange Water.

Choose Primo

We may be biased, but Primo Water brews great-tasting coffee! Try brewing your coffee with water from one of our Primo Water Dispensers, Pre-Filled Exchange Water or affordable Self-Service Refill Water. We promise you’ll notice and love the incredible difference!

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