Primo Celebrates National Water Quality Month

August 15, 2019

Perhaps you celebrate National Pretzel Day or National Bike Month, but move over for the next celebration in town: National Water Quality Month. It might not sound as sexy, but this month of August can sure save you a lot of trouble when it comes to hydrating your body properly. So, let’s all raise a glass of better, safer water.



With the all-too recent struggle and years-long battle, for clean, drinkable water in Flint, Michigan, other cities have joined a nation that is finally waking up and testing their water supplies. Last fall, Newark, New Jersey was on the hot plate for lead-laden water. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made in terms of cleaning up or replacing America’s centuries-old (and failing) infrastructure.


That still rings true today, where both Flint and Newark are now offering bottled water to its residents due to unclean, dangerous tap water. Newark’s course of action was a result of a scathing letter written by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which raised concerns about the safety of Newark’s public water supply. And in Flint, the water’s just plain brown. No scathing letter needed.


Needless to say, America needs an infrastructural change, and we need it soon. But until we can scrounge up the trillions of dollars it would take to do so, we can celebrate in other ways. Like testing our own tap water, being an advocate for clean water in our own communities, and treating ourselves to better, safer water in bulk.





Primo® Water is no stranger to offering a better alternative to tap water. In fact, that’s what we hang our hat on. With our 5-step Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process, all our water is purified of harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals and more. And since Primo water is purified using a reverse osmosis process, including ultraviolet sterilization and ozonation, up to 95% of total dissolved solids are removed, ensuring safe, high-quality water. That means we’re taking all the bad stuff out—including worry—leaving you with safe and healthy hydration.


We also offer two methods of getting that purely amazing Primo: Self-Service Refill Water and Pre-Filled Exchange Water at one of our many locations across the U.S. and Canada. When you choose Refill, you can bring whatever bottle you have on-hand, or an empty Primo® water bottle, and fill it up yourself. Or, you can choose Exchange, our fastest and most convenient option that allows you to pick up a pre-filled five-gallon bottle of Primo. Once you drink that down, you can recycle your bottle and get a coupon to save on your next Primo purchase. (Learn more about how that works here.)


Healthier water shouldn’t be a treat, it should be a no-brainer. But when it’s not, it’s important to set your sights on a path to change. This National Water Quality Month, use your time to ditch the tap and opt for better, safer Primo.