The Importance of Keeping Kids Hydrated

September 4, 2019

As human beings who are made of 70% water, we’re all at risk of dehydration. But when you’re a tinier human, it makes that chance even larger! So if you have a kid, here are some useful tips to help keep them hydrated year-round.



We’re constantly losing fluids naturally. Using the restroom (#1 and #2!), sweat and tears all contribute to this fluid loss. That means we’re losing vital nutrients, too, like our ultra-hydrating electrolytes. That’s why it’s so important to keep hydrated, even when the temperatures aren’t breaking heat records.


Infant and child bodies have higher water content than adults. In addition, they have higher metabolic rates and larger body surface area to mass index which causes them to lose fluids quicker. Because of this, tiny humans are more susceptible to dehydration, meaning they need water in greater quantities than adults.





Often, kids won’t know when they’re dehydrated, or what that might mean for them. It could happen because they’re sick, having diarrhea, or with increased sweating from sports or higher temperatures. So, as parents, it’s important that you look for some key warning signs:

  • Chapped/dry lips and mouth
  • Infrequent potty trips
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Crying without tears
  • Sunken eyes (or soft spot on infants)

Unfortunately, once you’re seeing the signs, it’s far too late. The same goes for adults! But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them recover quickly! Drinks like Pedialyte can help kids get right back up to speed.





Knowing the warning signs is great, but what if it’s not a one-time deal? There are many risks posed by dehydration, especially to your tiny human who requires much more water than you.


Some studies showed that dehydration impaired children’s cognitive abilities while in an arid classroom setting, and others upheld this data by showing a correlation between increased memory and water consumption. More recently, study results showed that children who drink water consistently had significantly higher-level cognitive control abilities. Those children who failed to consume water consistently had worse reaction times and had more errors overall.


Not to mention, when any human body is dehydrated, the brain has been shown to shrink in an effort to conserve water. This causes tension, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and more.





There are many ways to keep your kids hydrated. Pedialyte ice pops are a fun, delicious way to offer hydration and electrolytes to your fickle child who might not love plain water. In addition, there are certain foods that have high water content, like watermelon, celery, milk, soups and more that can help keep them hydrated without them even realizing it.


But the best way for sure-fire hydration? Creating healthy habits. If your child sees you putting hydration first, they’re liable to follow suit. And habits that start early are more likely to stay put. So, make sure you’re choosing water that comes from a safe, reliable source like Primo® Water. Your tap can often be riddled with harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals and more. Those are all things that definitely don’t contribute to healthy hydration!


Primo® Water undergoes a 5-step Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process that removes all those nasty contaminants before it ever touches your lips. So, when you’re putting your child’s hydration at the forefront, make sure you’re doing it with Primo. There’s no bigger way to kickstart healthy habits. That’s the Primo Effect. Find Primo near you and get started today.